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love this game!

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Nightmare Hunter! I need the demo! 


this game is addicting.... first game play in video.

Very good game. I love the art and mechanics. Most ppl seem to be complaining about the checkpoints, but I think that's just bc they don't really play a lot of Foddian games. I think the checkpoint system is honestly pretty nice, and the game as a whole is a unique twist to the Foddian genre


I love this game. The mechanics are really good, the juice is perfect. Once you get a good feeling for the controls it feels very satisfying to zip around.

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Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed playing and I appreciate all the time you put into the game :)

I love this game. Please consider making a full version with more levels.

I definitely will! Especially if it does well in the final jam results. Also very impressive 0 death run

here's a 0 death 2m49s run

oh wow thats pretty nuts

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This is the best "frustrating game" I've played in a long time, I think physics is bad, but that's the grace of the game.

Very fun and the mechanics of checkpoints increase considerably my desire to die.


(PDT: I would not put it 10/10 because my mouse is not yet embedded in my wall)

the checkpoint system is very flawed, especially in sections where you cant see the next platform, which leads to some frustrating trial and error. especially the last section in which you dont have enough time to be careful.

funny monke tho


We have no words. It was a nice experience for all of us. Fly mechanics are really fun and ost and fx sound are so beautiful. They combine perfectly. Nice job, team. Congrats!!


Great game. It was hard and I was not very good at it, but it felt really good as you improve. Keep up the good work! 


Great flight mechanics.

Monkey language to English transkation is nice idea:)


Really fun mechanics! I love the controls and the art is simple and really effective. Great particle effects! It's a simple game, but also original. I can't think of much else quite like it. My one complaint: I did not like the checkpoint system. I guess it has a "Getting Over It" frustration factor that might make for some funny reactions, but I just found it a bit annoying. I didn't like playing through the same sections over again. Once you reach a checkpoint, I think you should be able to stay there, even if you die a bunch.

Hey! Im glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for the feedback! The reason for the checkpoint system is that this game was made for the Ludwig jam were the theme was “foddian games” so it does have that getting over it aspect to it and your frustration is totally understandable.

Make sense! In that case I would say you very much succeeded! Sorry I didn't look more into the jam submissions.

Personally I think this game could totally go for an updated version! Now that the jam is over you could remove the checkpoints and add in more content. I think it could be really interesting to see what other movement mechanics could mesh well with this one.

Its all good man! Yeah Im considering eventually doing an expanded verison with some different game mechanics adapted to the gameplay in different levels (like racing time trials, more obstacles other then walls like wind or lazers or moving blockers, maybe even a stealth section).

This is fun and funny and a great concept for a game - but the physics are absolute horseshit.

Lmao, yeah fair enough. It's intended have a bit of a learning curve to get used to the movement.


This game is really, really good. It took me back to games I'd play on my dad's iPhone as a kid, but so much more polished (really impressive the fact you made this game feel so good to play in such a short amount of time!) I think out of all entries so far, this one gave me the deepest sense of immersion / flow state. Easy to learn, hard to master. Rewards discipline and quick thinking.
By the way, the Drum & Bass soundtrack, too, was hypnotizing. It's like I looked at the clock and WOW an hour had passed!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed playing!


Genuinely needs an clearer indicator when you will fall down

Not the dev, and idk how much it'll help you, but watch the monkey's forehead--as long as you can't see any lighter pixels, you aren't at risk of falling. As soon as you can see the monkey's forehead, you're going slow enough to risk fallin'!

In general though it helps me more just to focus on evenly-spaced pulses than scrutinizing the pixels

i like it, but in the browser i really would appreciate mouse lock / pointer lock - too often i crashed because i moved the mouse outside the window


This game is evil. 10/10


THIS GAME IS AWESOME, so complex but so simple, I love it


Very hard game. But is awesome. 

I didn't understand how to get to the end of the game. At the end of the level there is something like an exit, but the monkey crashes into the wall.

Strange, you should just be able to go directly through the glowing white tunnel at the end of each level. Maybe you accidentally hit the wall on the side? Or it could be some kind of weird bug

I got it. You have to keep the jet running. If you release the button it falls.

Yeah that'd do it. Glad you figured it out


Great job!

Thanks man!


i adore the art style here. great job

Thank you! I appreciate the comment!

c'est la seul jeux qui me frotte la nez assez fort.

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One of the most polished games I have played from the jam so far! Incredible job! Poor monkey keeps exploding :(

Thanks! And don't worry, no monkeys were harmed in the making of this game