Alright Boys, this is the game I made for Twitch Streamer Ludwig and all the ludbuds! The games not super long it should take around 20-30 minutes to finish on your first play through. If you want to fullscreen theres a button in the bottom right. Hope you all enjoy!

UPDATE: I've added a reset button and individual level select for speed running + some new settings to help with accessibility and performance!

Watch The Trailer!

Music was done by Munkie Beets

My Youtube: GreenBoxGames

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If there are any issues with the game running they should be fixed by changing your browser.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tagsjumping, ludwig, Meme, Pixel Art, rage, rage-game, reddit, twitch, youtube


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Great game, I loved it. I really do with it was longer though it was fun.


C  h  e  e  s  e  .  .  .

I love the game. Amazing work!

level 3 is dogshit delete it and make a new one


thank you for understanding

This is a fun game. I like this ending. Good work! 10/10

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I like the game except the final level. Its  just so annoying as fuck than hard imo.

this game is addictive


lmao child


this is so hard

i know


Pretty simple chill of a rage game, definitely reminds me of jump king. Keep it up!!!


Thats a really cool name. Seems like a cool game for a speedrun...


BEST GAME EVER!!! but... lots of bugs


PogU Game


Anyone sub 2 minutes yet?


yep, got a 1, 42

1:34.22 here I suck official WR is a 48,98 by Slither but someone got a 45.17

great game got my time down to 2 minutes 

ps maybe add a 4th lvl?

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I love This Game I make Mods I Have some cool Ideas For a Modded version of this game so if you would be so kind as to send me Dowlaod for the game so I could create a Mod(Note this will not change the game the mod will be a separate entity). Also if you want I can give credit to you, or oblige to any other requests you may have plz consider this it is Free and out of my own fun :)

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To be honest, I literally see no reason for this boss fight.
Honestly it ruins the fun of already reaching the top
Plus, at least just put the player at the dialogue when they die instead of all the way to the bottom.’s server IP address could not be found.

looks amazing.  sounds amazing.  slightly bumping a wall at the slowest speed and being sent flying as if you jumped at the highest speed just doesnt feel like good gameplay sadly, just feels obnoxious for the sake of being obnoxious.  i still think its great though.


You need to make this a download man for Pc, Android, and Ios i feel it would do even better


Dude you seriously have to chill with the momentum
like i literally hit a wall on the lowest velocity and i spiral all the way down to the map.
At least make it so that you can stick onto the sticky walls when you're falling.


thats kind of the point of the game, to make a mistake and lose everything.  Although it can be bullshit sometimes but thats the point.


Awesome game but i'm disappointed you didn't call it "PrimeClimb"



Good until the boss imo just doesnt match the genre


Great Game

in full screen mod epressing escape wont acceses the menu so thats kinda annoying but besides that ncie gam


That the end boss fight stressed me out, i just wanted to play a platformer game


I love this game and i hate it at the same time

Got a 1:13.87, I think it's wr right now as far as I know

Sorry to break it to ya...


I saw the name "jumpwig" and thought, "Huh, sounds like a ludwig meme"


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(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Very good game! XD


I made a small video on this. Really reminded me of Getting Over It, rage games, man. Anyways, it was good!

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This game is amazing! I've been running it for about 3 hours and I've gotten my time down to 1:32 but I know I can do better. Besides it being a great speedrunning game, it also just looks really good and the music fits really well also. I just reloaded the website and can see you now but a reset button and speedrun mode on the level select, so right now I have no suggestions or complaints. Great game! Edit: Actually I do have one question. On chrome when you go fullscreen and put your cursor near the top of the screen an X appears which makes it really annoying to play since I have to actively dodge that X or else it exits fullscreen, which has happened many times. Do you know of a way to make that X button not appear, or do I just have to deal with it?


im glad your enjoying it! As for the X I think you might just have to dodge it, Im not aware of any way to disable it.

ok thanks for letting me know


Is there a bind for resetting? It gets pretty annoying when I need to move my mouse to the reset button.

Yeah, I've been grinding this game, and it gets very tedious having to go to the menu and click the reset button. I second this.


I found a glitch where when when I hit reset in the speedrun mode, I get put into whichever level I was practicing previously - like if i was doing the  practice mode for the second level it resets me into that level instead of the beginning, hopefully you can figure out a fix

Yep, thanks for letting me know.

It should be fixed now


For lower end computers, some sections get laggy, probably due to so many particle effects. Could a low detail mode/disable particles function be added to the next update?


Yep 👍

only thing I dislike about it is it's not very fast to reset in speedrun

I'll make sure to add a reset button for the next update


Im bad but the game is good