This game was made in 10 days for the Jam Craft 5 game jam!

Craft! Combine! Hunt! Survive! As you guide Space Boy through the treacherous, alien infested asteroid on a mission to refuel your space ship! Try to stay alive and get the parts you need while your oxygen slowly expires in this crafting space survival game. 

Hope you all enjoy! :)

If the games lighting is not displaying correctly at night try switching to a different browser. That should fix the issue.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsAliens, Cartoon, Comics, Crafting, Space


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nice game

i cant find the boogers

This game make me feel like a game.....



This is an impressive project considering how many jam entries are incomplete prototypes.   This is a full game without any missing parts.   Great graphics and it requires actual effort to learn the crafting and get everything done.   Boss monster is excellent.   Nice mellow soundtrack - I really dislike loud janky game music.

I got black screen at night on Chrome in one PC but it worked (in Chrome) on a different PC.   MS Edge browser worked when Chrome didn't.   

Although the blueprints take a bit of time to figure out, that's part of what makes playing this game a few times worthwhile.    I agree with another commenter that the GUI of the backpack contents can get in the way of seeing what's in the character's area.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed playing!

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I really enjoyed playing your game :). The graphics are really cool and unique and the crafting was just deep enough. I liked the attention to details such as when your character is looking in his bag, the effect when hovering things and the way the drone follows you around. Super well done!


Pretty enjoyable game. Gathering and crafting resources feels really nice and the graphics fit perfectly.

The only issue I had was that sometimes the ui got on the way colecting items. 

Great game, nice job!

Thanks for your feedback!


Really fun. I don't get how I can craft the Power core tho. I have the blue crystal, but whats the second thing?

Glad you enjoyed it. You craft the power core with the crystal and a container. You make the container with two metal sheets which are each made from a metal chunk and a rock.